Rules and Regulations


Execution of the EQ11 project – University-wide development of education at Lund University. Decision by the Vice Chancellor 2010-05-12 (PDF 57 kB - New window)
Research & Education Strategy (PDF 87kB, new window)
Policy for quality assurance and quality enhancement of education, 2009–2012
Guidelines for matters relating to Lund University and its students (pdf 59kb - New window)
Policy for equality of opportunity, diversity and the equal treatment of students (PDF 56kB, new window)
Procedural order in consequence of the Equal Treatment of students at Universities Act (PDF 11kB, new window)
Supplement to the general advice on the application of the Higher Education Ordinance and the Appointment Rules for teachers at LU (PDF 64 Kb - new window)
Commissioned Education at LU (pdf 61 kb new window)
Admissions procedures for first and second cycle education (PDF 75kB, new window)  
Admissions procedures for studies at research level (PDF 60kB, new window)
Policy for education at doctoral level (PDF 63kB, new window)
Extension of employment as doctoral student and of doctoral grants because of service as representative in student organisations and in bodies of Lund University (PDF 49kB, new window)
Local rules for degrees, courses and study programmes at Lund University (PDF 56kB, new window)
Supplement to the local rules for degrees, courses and study programmes at Lund University
Preliminary terms of general degrees (PDF 46 kB new window)
Establishment of main fields of study, degree titles and the right to award degrees for extra-faculty programmes
Grading system (PDF 51 kB new window)
Fees for issuing duplicate degree certificates
Rules for the design of degree certificates for First and Second cycle studies
Appointment rules for teachers (PDF 62kB, new window)
Gender equality policy (PDF 115kB, new window)
Teaching and Leadership (pdf 41 kb - new window)
Regulation regarding first aid training for employees (PDF 57kB, new window)
Guidelines for new or altered titles of positions of employment (pdf 41 kb - new window)
Pay policy programme (PDF 62kB, new window)
Local agreement on working hours for teachers at Lund University (PDF 64 kB Nytt fönster)
Working-time regulations for employees of Lund University who engage, wholly or in part, in cleaning work (PDF 12 kB Nytt fönster)
Working-time regulations for certain employees of Lund University (PDF 18 kB Nytt fönster)
Parking policy (PDF 47kB, new window)
Work environment policy (PDF 120kB, new window)
Diversity policy for employees (PDF 63kB, new window)
Environment & Sustainable Development (PDF 56kB, new window)
Security Policy (PDF 47kB, new window)
Regulation regarding first aid training for employees (PDF 57kB, new window)
Regulation for fire safety training (PDF 44kB, new window)
Ban on smoking in and close to University buildings (PDF 41kB, new window)
Ban on overnight stay (PDF 45kB, new window)  
Regulation regarding children´s visits to sites of work or studies (PDF 51kB, new window) 
Lund University´s Strategy for Research & Education (PDF 87kB, new window)
Regulations on the handling of matters relating to suspected scientific misconduct in research, artistic research and development or other development work at Lund University. Decision by the Vice-Chancellor 2010-04-22 (PDF 75 kB - New window)
Introduction of a standard university-wide approach to academic integrity and detection of plagiarism (PDF 45 kB new window)
Ethical issues at Lund university - Notes for guidance (PDF 211 Kb new window)  
Archive procedures and closure of current archives for administrative units (pdf kb new window)
Rules of Procedure for the Lund University Audit Committee (PDF 59 kB new window)
Document registration in DFS (pdf 48 kb new window)
Delegation Rules relating to the right to use the government agency’s [i.e. the University’s] funds by approving orders/procurement decisions and by authorising supplier invoices, travel-expense reports and other expense report (PDF 67kB, new window)
Regulations for IT-security (PDF 45kB, new window)
Rules for the use of the computer network (PDF 52kB, new window)  
Central functional responsibility for building-networks
Regulation and Advice for Websites (PDF kB, new window)
Communication Policy (PDF 59kB, new window) 
Strategic Plan (PDF 90kB, new window) 
Quality assurance and quality enhancement of education 2009-2012 ( PDF 63kB new window) Guidelines for matters related to the relation between the university and its students (pdf 59kb - new window) 
Internationalisation (PDF 78kB, new window)   Environment and Sustainable development (PDF 56kB, new window)


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