Vice-Chancellor’s newsletter April 16

Some of the headlines in this week's newsletter include Margot Wallström’s induction, Eva Wiberg is the electoral college’s choice for the post of pro vice-chancellor, The University Board meeting on 20 April will include a discussion on the many challenges facing the University...

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The University Board meeting on 20 April will include a discussion on the many challenges facing the University, some of which may prove quite difficult to solve. We have a strong position today, however, with many good results, not least the outstanding growth over the past three years.

Some key performance indicators - 2011 compared with 2008:

• Around 3 000 (2 994) more full-time equivalent students, 28 000 (28 181) total in 2011 (47 000 individuals)

• Around 1 000 (1 057) more full-time equivalent employees, 6 300 (6 288) in 2011 (6 800 individuals)

• Around SEK 1 000 (963) million increase in revenue, SEK 6 757 million in 2011 (around SEK 200 million in transfers)

• Around SEK 1 300 (1 269) million increase in activity, SEK 6 766 million in 2011 (around SEK 200 million in transfers)

• Around SEK 800 (827) million increase in agency capital, SEK 1 678 million in 2011

• Around SEK 1 000 (962) million increase in unused grants, SEK 2 714 million in 2011

For more information about the challenges facing Lund University, see the memorandum “Viktiga utmaningar för Lunds universitet".

Viktiga utmaningar för Lunds universitet (PDF, opens in new window)

Eva Wiberg is the electoral college’s choice for the post of pro vice-chancellor and a decision on a new pro vice-chancellor to succeed Ingalill is expected to be taken at the next board meeting.

Margot Wallström’s induction. Margot Wallström is taking over as chair of the Board of Lund University. It will be very inspiring to work with her. Her induction will be on 19 April and 23-25 April, when she will be attending meetings across the University and acquainting herself with our operations and with us.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Margot and to take the opportunity to express our deep gratitude to outgoing chair Allan Larsson.

Margot Wallström will also be participating in the celebrations at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for the centenary of the diplomat’s birth on 24-25 April.

Also attending the event will be Kofi Annan, Navi Pillay and Thomas Hammarberg, as well as other famous names in human rights.

The staff survey has now closed and we had a response rate of just over 50 per cent. We are currently analysing the results and they will be presented in stages. In May, we will present the results for the faculties, central administration and specialised centres, then the results for the University as a whole will be presented and in time we will also present the results at department level. Thank you to all those who took the time to respond - the results will influence the design of LU human resources policy!

For more information about the survey, visit: 

A new working time agreement for teaching staff has been signed. The agreement contains some new points, including on the distribution of working hours across the year, overtime, attendance in the workplace, etc. During the spring and autumn, a number of seminars will be held to help with the implementation.

Palliative competence centre. During the spring, a working group has drawn up a proposal for a palliative competence centre - a collaboration between Region Skåne and Lund University under the leadership of Pro Vice-Chancellor Ingalill Rahm Hallberg. The plan is for the centre to start in the autumn with the help of a SEK 7.5 million donation from the Crafoord Foundation. We are very grateful to the Crafoord Foundation for its initiative!

A vice-chancellor’s assembly was held on Thursday, 12 April, to recognise commendable achievements and awards at the University since the end of 2011. Many thanks to all those who help to make Lund University world class. It is a real honour to hear about your achievements and see living proof of the breadth and strength of Lund University.

Find out more about those recognised at the vice-chancellor’s assembly

Lund in Landskrona has become a reality with the decision of the Lund University Internet Institute, LUii, to locate its management and administrative staff in the Citadell in Landskrona. The institute comprises ten research places and conference facilities. The institute will serve as a platform for knowledge transfer and research on the Internet’s role in societal development and will create a meeting place for experts in different fields. The idea is also to combine academic expertise with ongoing projects linked to the business sector. The head of research is Stefan Larsson from Sociology of Law.

More information about LUii in Landskrona (opens in new window)

Valhall Science Village in Ängelholm is beginning to take shape and last week the first of a number of meetings was held with the business sector. The science village is a collaboration between Lund University, Peab, Region Skåne, Sparbanken Öresund, Ängelholm Municipality and Helsingborg Business Region.

The plans for the science village include a business incubator with a focus on structural engineering fields such as energy, the environment, logistics, materials, lighting, architecture and design. The driving forces behind Valhall Science Village will be largely business and industry. A venture capital fund will be linked to the science village and will be run by industry stakeholders as a not-for-profit association.

The science park is part of Valhall Park, which in turn is part of a social development project in Ängelholm. Valhall Park will combine housing, employment, leisure, commerce and communication.

For Lund University, triple helix collaborations are high priority. Valhall Science Village is an exciting project that is in line with our aim of creating collaborations throughout Skåne, including north of Helsingborg. We therefore want to actively participate in the development of this new area. For a long time, we have also been involved in the Railway Training Centre in Ängelholm.

More information about Valhall Park and the science village (opens in new window)

Per has had meetings in Stockholm and met politicians and representatives of government agencies. The meetings have all been about paving the way for a good outcome for Lund University in the upcoming Research and Innovation Bill.

Per will be visiting the Ministry of Education on Thursday for a public agency dialogue. The discussions will include the expansion of the programmes in medicine and nursing. There are a lot of other items on the agenda as well, including the autumn’s Research and Innovation Bill.

Swedish-Danish collaboration. We have had problems with our education collaborations with Denmark since they introduced tuition fees for individual courses and parts of programmes using a complicated system. Because of this, the entire meteorology programme will be run from Lund University from the autumn. However, our cooperation across the Sound is far from endangered. In research we are cooperating more than ever and it must not be forgotten that ESS is a Swedish-Danish project.

In Sydsvenskan’s Aktuella frågor on 12 April, Per and Bengt Streijffert published a joint article on cooperation between Denmark and Sweden. Per will also have a meeting tomorrow, 17 April, with Uffe Toudal Pedersen, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Education in Denmark, regarding the tuition fees. We hope that a solution will be reached through frank discussions.

Read the article about our Öresund cooperation in Sydsvenskan (opens in new window)

An owners’ meeting for Lundamark, the area between MAX IV and ESS, which we own jointly with Region Skåne and Lund Municipality, has been held, at which the current proposals for the development of the area were presented. This is an exciting and very important task, as it will soon be time to take a range of decisions in the planning work.

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