Öppet Hus hos Centrum för Mellanösternstudier
Open House Center for Middle Eastern Studies April 15, 2011 ...Welcome to an Open House at the Center of Middle Eastern Studies April 15, 2011. During the day staff, scholars and students at the Center welcome you to our new location at Finngatan 16 in Lund. The day will be full of short lectures and seminars on topics that concern the contemporary Middle East. Throughout the day presentations will be short and concise. The aim is to high light research, teaching and activities at the Center. Presentations are in English or Swedish. Light snacks and drinks will be served during the day. Program 8.45 Welcoming address Director Leif Stenberg 8.50 Religion, Politics and the Public Sphere in Syria Leif Stenberg 9.30 Middle East in Sweden Projects: articles, books, grants, and other interesting scholarly activities Lory Dance 10.00 Hydropolitics in the Tunisian-Algerian «Mejerda» River Basin Sihem Jebari 10.45 Many are called but few are Chosen: Muslim identity among Swedish rappers Anders Ackfeldt 11.30 Sociala Media vid Centrum för Mellanösternstudier - Digital Visions for an Analogue Institution: What Social Media is doing for CMES Anna Hellgren. Charlotta Liljedahl och Ferencz Thuroczy 12.15 In the Shadow of the Arab Spring - the plight of migrants in the Middle East Abdulhadi Khalaf 13.30 Open Seminar on Migration, Western Muslim Minorities and Islamophobia with students from MA-programs at the Center and Copenhagen University Torsten Janson, Eric Hooglund and Catharina Raudvere 15.15 The Water Crisis in the Middle East - any solutions to the problem? Ronny Berndtsson 16.00 Women for Sustainable Growth (WSG) – an introduction to the WSG-project Jaleh Taheri 16.45 Islam and science - exploring the new generation Stefano Bigliardi 17.30 The Parallel States Project – from vision to option Charlotta Liljedahl 18.15 Public debate: Implications of the recent developments in the Middle East Lory Dance (moderator), Eric Hooglund, Rickard Lagervall, Ingmar Karlsson, Lloyd Ridgeon and Hana al-Khamri Warmly Welcome, Leif Stenberg Director, CMES

Tid: 2011-04-15 kl. 08.30
Sluttid: 2011-04-15 kl. 08.30

Plats: Finngatan 16

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