Terms of employment

Villkorsavtalet/Villkorsavtalet-T (general agreement on pay and benefits for government employees) regulates salary and benefit matters for university employees, with certain exceptions. Villkorsavtalet-T applies only to employees who are members of SACO, while Villkorsavtalet applies to all other employees.

Villkorsavtalet/Villkorsavtalet-T is a complete agreement and does not need to be supplemented by local agreements, since it contains all the regulations on salaries and benefits that are normally required at a government agency. The only exception is the issue of working hours, for which Villkorsavtalet/Villkorsavtalet-T requires regulation in local agreements.

It is important to remember that a local agreement must not go against legally binding rules or a central collective agreement, unless expressly permitted in the central agreement. Departures from the regulations of Villkorsavtalet/Villkorsavtalet-T are also permitted in certain cases through a direct individual agreement between an employer and an employee or through a unilateral employer decision. The text of the agreement makes clear when individual agreements may be made and when employer decisions may be considered.

The agreement does not apply to employees who have retired in accordance with the pension regulations for government employees.

Employees who are employed with the support of labour market measures other than subsidised employment are excepted from the agreement. Employees with employment support are excepted for as long as such support is provided.


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