Seminar day


Invitation to participate in discussions on human resources policy at Lund University

Theme: Success at Lund University?

As part of the PUPA project, several seminar days have been organised for employees during 2011. We would like to dedicate this third seminar day to a discussion on success at Lund University.

LU is successful in many respects. Our University is often placed highly in the various rankings used by the surrounding world to evaluate us. We are frequently noted for the breadth of our research, for our research findings and scientific achievements. Attention is less often paid to excellent education, good teaching methods or efficient administration.

An interesting question is whether the evaluation expressed by the surrounding world is reflected within the organisation. Do we value and reward our work efforts in the same way? Is research valued most highly or do we acknowledge a breadth of activities? What does our internal appraisal and reward system look like? Do we need to work differently on motivation and reward in order to retain our current staff and recruit new employees?

The seminar day will be held in Swedish.

Register for the seminar day on 28 October here:
The number of places is limited.

Time: 9:00-13:00 (Coffee and rolls will be served in the morning and we conclude with lunch – please indicate any special dietary requirements or if you will not be joining us for lunch.)

Place: Main hall (aula), Universitetshuset



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Marie Fernbrant
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Åsa Thormählen
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