EQ11 – Education Quality 2011

The Final Report

The final report from the Eq11 project was delivered to the Vice-Chancellor on September 30th.

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Aiming at a University-wide development of education at Lund University

A specific project – EQ11 – was initiated at Lund University in 2009 in order to improve education quality. Inquiries were made during the EQ11 initiating phase and in the time that followed the proposed method for the project gained acceptance. EQ11 should be prospective and supportive and constitute a central part of Lund University´s own long-term quality development work, rather than being another evaluation.

The Vice-Chancellor´s decision concerning EQ11
Project Plan
EQ11 will utilise the combined skills, experience and potential of the entire University to improve quality in education at all levels, i.e. in the first-, second- and third-cycles and professional development (lifelong learning), primarily by highlighting, reinforcing and disseminating positive education processes.

The External Advisors visited Lund University 1-6 May 2011. They gave a presentation of a lot of good advice to Lund University about enhancing the quality work on an open meeting May 6th.
NEWS. The Panel of Advisors has now delivered the report Review of EQ11. In the report challenges, good practices, areas for improvement and recommendations to the whole university as well as to the faculties are included.

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The faculty self-reflection questionnaire has been answered by faculty management and students together, in cooperation with all relevant bodies and networks within or outside the faculties.

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Reports from EQ11 working groups

A workshop with professor Mick Healey about research-based learning took place 13 April on the basis of his document Developing Research-Based Learning.
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A meeting took place 3 February where questions concerning the work on the self-reflection was answered.

EQ11 - a PowerPoint Presentation (pptx)

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Method (where e.g. success factors and quality indicators are described)

Organisation (steering committee, international group of external advisors, reference groups, working groups, cooperating projects)




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