LU Accommodation

LU Accommodation is a part of Student Services at Lund University. The main task is to accommodate international students during their time at Lund University. LU Accommodation manages a limited number of rooms and flats in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg.

There is a great demand for housing and unfortunately we are not able to guarantee housing for all international students.

For information regarding housing guarantee, applications and housing agencies:

To new students arriving in August or September 2014:

We are no longer sending out any room offers for the Autumn semester 2014. We are now unfortunately fully booked for the autumn semester 2014.

Problems in your room?

Please find your housing area for more information about how to make a fault report.


General Information to incoming students and current tenants

  • If you have problems paying your deposit or rent online please visit our FAQ-section.
  • To view your housing contract, read our terms of tenancy or pay your monthly rent-instalment online - please log in
  • If you wish to make a fault report concerning your room, please visit the fault report section.
  • For more information about your area, please visit the housing area section
  • LU Accommodation's office can be found here.


Last modified 20 Aug 2014

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