What do I do with the LU card at the end of a person’s employment or studies?

Authorisation in the access system ceases when a person is deleted from LUCAT/STiL. But as the card functions as an identity document as well as an access key, the holder must be asked to return it, whereupon it is to be cut in half and disposed of.

What do I do with a returned card?

Cards that have been returned at the end of a person’s employment or studies at Lund University are to be cut in half and disposed of.

How can staff and students get a replacement card if theirs has been lost or damaged?

At www.lu.se/emergency there is an incident report form that should be used if something happens to your card. The form includes an option to report a lost card (this should also be used if the card is damaged). Information can be found on the above page.

At www.lu.se/lukortet there is information about where to get a new card, with opening hours etc. When you get a new card, your access rights are automatically transferred to the new card. 

Is a copy of my card saved so that I can get a new one without having to have my photograph taken again?

Copies of access cards are not saved for security reasons. Every card is unique and is produced when the holder is sitting in front of the camera (just like for other identity documents in Sweden).

Whom do I contact to get a new card?

For access cards, contact one of the University’s three (soon four) card stations in Lund or the one in Helsingborg or Malmö. Every access card takes a maximum of 90 seconds to produce and the stations have generous opening hours (it is also possible to make special appointments in urgent cases or for groups). For more information, see www.lu.se/lukortet

It would be good to have the possibility of a temporary access card valid for 24 hours. Is this possible?

Because the access rights are personal (for staff, students, visitors or contractors), it is quicker to produce a personal card. Dealing with temporary cards would therefore entail more work.

Timeframes: when do the new cards come into effect – and when will the current ones stop working?

Lund University will gradually replace the access systems which are not compatible with the new card. The aim is to have everything ready before the turn of the year 2011/2012. Producing new cards for everyone now creates the conditions for a smooth transition. The old cards will remain valid until the old systems have been replaced.

Region Skåne is also working on a transition to card-compatible systems.

Does this apply only to employees or to all those who require access to the University’s buildings?

All those connected to Lund University are to have a card.

This also applies to people who normally have another employer and do not have a card from that employer which is compatible with the University’s access system.

Why is this common access card being implemented now?

The need for an overall access and identity card has been on the wish list for a long time (it is also on the list that the Vice-Chancellor received from Lund University Students’ Unions last year), as up to 35 different cards are currently needed just to move around within Lund University. Lund University is part of a national and European cooperation project called European Campus Card Association, which aims to increase opportunities to move freely between all higher education institutions in Europe through the use of one card in all locations.

Region Skåne is also working towards the same objective, which means that anyone in possession of an RS card will also be able to use it within Lund University in the future.


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