A common access card for all students and employees at Lund University


We are now introducing a new access card for the whole University. The LU card will replace a total of over 35 different access cards. The result will be both increased security and reduced costs.

The aim is to have the new system in place before the turn of the year 2011/2012.

he common access card is being introduced to make it easy to work and study at Lund University. Using a single card as a legitimate identity document recognised by the University will also increase mobility throughout and between the University’s various campuses.

In total, up to thirty-five different access cards and around a hundred different keys are at present required to get into all the buildings, besides those needed for other areas. The introduction of the new system means that one access card can be used for all the buildings involved. Besides this advantage, the new system also allows for the potential elimination of mechanical keys to offices, lecture rooms and laboratories.

The use of one single access card also means it will be possible to concentrate the management of access cards in a central card administration group, thereby freeing up staff hours around the University for other tasks, which in turn leads to a reduction in costs.

Impact goals

The introduction of a common access card and a centrally funded access system for parts of the activities at Lund University can result in increased mobility and security.

Students who move between University buildings with a single access card gain easier access to premises related to their programmes and courses. The mobility connected to staff increases in relation to duties.

The access card provides more efficient and more secure management than a system using keys.

Several older access systems are replaced and equipped with modern technology, thereby increasing reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

A simpler management of book loans can be achieved if the self-issue machines for book borrowing are modified for remote scanning, so that the access cards can be used in this context as well.

All persons connected in some way to Lund University are to be issued with a personal access card during their time at the University. This card will also function as an identity card within the University.

Delivery goals

The University is to have a well-functioning system for authorisation connected to Ladok, LDAP and the access systems.

All buildings belonging to Lund University are to have access systems compatible with the new access card.

An action plan for the implementation of remote scanners for doors to offices, laboratories and lecture rooms for the whole University is to be prepared and established.

A well-functioning service organisation for the management, maintenance and installation of the access system and access card administration is to be set up and financed continuously within the framework for the increment for premises services.

Bonus effects

The introduction of a common access card leads to a synergy effect insofar as the photographs taken can be used for the presentation of staff members on the University’s home page. However, each individual’s approval must be obtained before publication can occur.

The photographs that have already been taken can already be prepared for publication on condition that they meet the appropriate quality requirements.



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